Category: Health

Health is not just a better life. It’s happiness on its own. You run, you move, you drive every day. Every moment of your life depends on your health. Either you climb your career ladder or you are a successful entrepreneur – when there is no health – lifeĀ ends right here.

This category promotes a healthy life. Healthy life is the food we eat, the calories we burn, the feelings we have and the travels we do. We have a limited amount of time and every second we spend living unhealthy reduces this amount in hours.

Look after yourself – your body and your mind is the most precious assets you have. Appreciate them, love them and they will bring you happiness long after.

Sugar Addiction

Is Sugar Addiction Any Better Than Cocaine?

What Is Sugar Addiction? Sugar addiction is one of many addictions on the market. People can get addicted to anything starting with activities, feelings and finishing with products and substances. General Addiction The addiction...