Finding True Happiness


First of all, I wanted to welcome you landing on this web page. It’s a great honor seeing you here, considering how many millions of other websites are on the internet. Since you landed on this website I guess that you are looking for exactly the same answers I am. You wander around this world looking for the purpose of life. The good thing is you are not alone – the bad thing is I don’t know the exact answer too. This is driving me crazy and the more I think about it, the more I get myself into misery. That’s the place neither of us want to be in, so let’s go on a search for the true happiness together.

What Is The Reason of This Blog?


Since the time I was a kid, I kind’a knew the path I wanted to take in my life. I didn’t know the exact place I wanted to be in 10 years, but I knew what tools I wanted to use to get there. The more I learned the tools, the clearer my goals became. Even back when I was at school I saw my friends moving abroad and I just felt I did not belong where I was. I had to move too, but I didn’t know how. Everyone had someone abroad they moved to – be it an uncle, friend, relative or acquaintance, but me – I had no one! I could not have used the same plan everyone else used. I had to use my own imagination to achieve the goals I set for myself. It was hard, but it didn’t feel like that back then. I loved every moment of that journey – no matter how hard it was.

Time flew – to be honest – it took me about 2 years of hard work and risk to be where I had imagined being myself, but once I got there the problem occurred – I ran out of goals. I achieved what I wanted to achieve – I conquered what I wanted to conquer. What’s next? – I kept asking myself. 50 years of the same? and I wandered around this world looking for the purpose of life. I started asking myself – am I truly happy? What is the true happiness and how to achieve it? What do I need to do in this life to make it worthwhile? Who am I? Why am I who I am?


Here I am, thinking about my life – what do I need to do to be happy? What should I do to make myself smile once again? I thought about my past and my future a lot. What is happiness? I never thought about it. It was just there. It is just here – the same as water – here – without a question of where it comes from. But when we turn the tap on and it’s not here, what’s then? We want to drink, we are thirsty, but who cares, water is just not here. There should be some in the shop, but the shops are closed. We could wait for tomorrow, but it ain’t gonna open. You dehydrate bit by bit and you feel how you start dying slowly.

It’s exactly the same with lack of happiness, but instead of dying in this world, you die inside. And you should know that the pain inside is way worse than the one outside. Once the life ends – it’s game over, whereas if you die inside, the painful journey just begins. I know that time heals everything. Frankly speaking, it’s fading memories and not the time itself. But if you live in your shadow every day – memories won’t fade away.

I have never thought about happiness and what it was, but one day I woke up and everything was gray. I didn’t understand why or what has changed. Something was wrong with me – I didn’t know how to smile and laugh, the darkness consumed me. I started looking why I wasn’t happy anymore. The first thing I had to understand was what my definition of happiness was. What did I need to have to make myself happy once again?

Finding True Happiness

In order to find happiness for myself, I had to find out what it meant being happy. The one thing I had noticed was that whenever I was ill or sick, my shoulders ached or my teeth hurt, I definitely wasn’t in the mood for laughter. The second thing had I noticed was that when I was alone – without family or close friends, I felt sad, separated and insecure. Although I could have focused a lot more for the first week or two, I would get back to being in despair pretty quickly. And the third thing was that whenever there was a lack of finances in my home-pot, the unknown kicked in and viciously torn every good thought into pieces. I will elaborate even further on what happiness means to me now and how I’m looking to keep it up.


Look After Yourself

The health is the most important thing in the world and it doesn’t mean I’m being selfish. Quite the opposite, I want others to be happy. If I’m feeling bad, people who care about me are not feeling great either. That’s why you are supposed to look at your health and safety first. I will not be able to help others if I’m ill myself. I won’t be able to think about helping others because my brain will be taken over by the illness I have. Hopefully, this explains why the health is the most important thing in the world.

Escape The Struggle

Furthermore, every human being on this planet gets a limited amount of time. Take a moment and think about how lucky you are just to be here – on this planet. You are already the luckiest person being alive since you managed to win against billions even though you don’t remember anything. You were strong – so don’t give up here, keep it strong. I know life brings struggles, I struggle every day too – you are not special, nor cursed here – it’s everyone. Try to keep yourself healthy – jog, go to the gym, lift weights, eat healthy food, don’t smoke, don’t consume alcohol, don’t use drugs – and it’s one struggle less. You can’t escape all of these, but the least you can do is try.


Never ever forget that you have got 80 years on this Earth. I know it’s average, but let’s be conservative. You might think it’s a lot, but it’s not, it’s like a one day. I feel that now, although I didn’t feel it till I reached 25. That’s more than 1/4 of my life gone. 80 years might seem like a lot, but it’s just 29,200 days. I’m currently 10,178 days old. That’s a shocking number. I haven’t got that much left. 29,200 days is 700,800 hours. It’s less than a million hours. 700,800 hours is 42,048,000 minutes. And that’s 2,522,880,000 seconds. This is my currency and it’s your currency too. This is everyone’s currency. There is no exchange rate for it. You can’t buy it, nor you can earn it. You can just sell it, so make it worthwhile. Don’t bargain it.

Family and Friends

The family you can die for. The friends you can die for. These are your true family and friends. No matter how healthy you are if no one cares about you – you are just a dead body anyway. The sack of water spending this precious time on nothing.

The friendship is everything, friendship is more than a talent. It’s more than the government and it’s almost equal to the family – Godfather

The family is your second biggest treasure in this world. Treat it nicely. Spend your time with your family – let these two currencies work together, because if no one cares about you – you are just a dead body anyway – remember this. Don’t spare your family, don’t bargain it for the worthless paper currency. It’s so easy to forget and I have done this countless of times too, and I still do it, unfortunately. But knowledge is power and knowing this I can constantly pull myself back onto the rail of happiness.

Your family is not necessarily my family. My definition of family is the people who care about me and people who I care about. It’s not just my bloodline, sometimes quite the opposite – but it’s always worth knowing that true family is invaluable and more than likely there are only a few people in this world who you can call family. True family is not the people who are nice to you. It’s the people who will sometimes kick your ass, so you would understand what’s good and what’s wrong and what needs changing. They will do this because they care about you.

You can do anything, but never go against the family – Godfather

Financial Independence

Financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean money, but our society lives in the times where money is everything. However, financial independence actually means freedom. The freedom of everything and freedom from everything. You do not need to be a millionaire to be free, though it’s a common misconception. Being financially free doesn’t mean you have to have a yacht, mansion, and Lamborghini. Financial freedom is a lifestyle, where you are not attached to a 9-5 job. This does not mean you won’t work 9-5 or whatever schedule you work on, it just means you will have loads more flexibility. You will not be attached to any location. There will be no necessity to work to survive because your investments will earn the money for you. You will not be trading your invaluable asset – time – into the worthless paper currency. However, whatever your choice is – you will have to work smart and trade your time anyway. That’s the game of life.

The Game of Life

Achieving true happiness is not an easy task. The true happiness comes from the balance between health, family and financial freedom. That’s the game of life – being smart in every decision I make. But that’s not how the world works. I cannot take every step in my life and make it a success. Everything I did in my life for the first time – I failed. No matter how simple the task seemed to be, I failed every single time. That’s how the world works.

Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! –  Sylvester Stallone


I have wasted countless of hours on the things, which won’t provide me any benefit down the road and I will waste even more along the way. I didn’t know that it wasn’t right at the time, but I know now. You see – it’s very simple to look at the past and see what was wrong, but it’s very hard to look at the future and know what to do. I’m like that kite in the sky – pushed left and right by the wind of life – I have no clue what is right and what is wrong. This scares me a lot. Life is hard – it doesn’t care if you know what to do or not – you have to pay for every second you breathe. So I read and search for the right path – the path for myself. Your path is different, but the search of happiness is the same. There is no right or wrong answer – till you have made it and only looking at your past you can decide if it was a right or wrong thing to do.

What Is Behind Underground Hogs?

Underground Hogs are people in the pursuit of happiness. It is a very important phrase in everyone’s life. Let me tell you a story about this phrase and then you will tell me if it resembles you in any way.

Why Underground?

Being underground means hiding from the others. Most of the people wear masks in the public. They keep themselves underground.


Remember that cashier you saw earlier today in the shop – she was smiling and wishing you the best of luck. You thought she was happy, but you didn’t know that she was working 60 hour weeks for the minimum wage. She wasn’t paid for the extra 20 hours a week, but she couldn’t leave because her kids needed clothes and food.


The husband left her because she wasn’t providing enough and alcohol got too expensive to buy for him from her’s one salary. She was beaten and scared shitless every day, but couldn’t tell this to anyone, because she still loved him, although he was nothing from what she fell in love with. She also cared for the kids, because no one in school loved kids from parentless families. They would have got bullied a lot, so she sacrificed herself living with a bastard so that the kids wouldn’t have to feel this way. But the kids were beaten too because that animal didn’t really care who to hit when he used to run out of whiskey.


But now it’s different. She has changed and can smile once again. After that time she got nearly stabbed with the cracked bottle of whiskey she has changed. There was no more waiting for the police and she got him locked up for long. There was no news from him ever since. She moved out of the garbage can she used to live in and now has a proper flat for herself and her kids. She stopped caring about what others would think about her and the life has changed. Soon after, she got promoted and now works standard 40 hour weeks. She also started her own business helping other women to move out of such situations. She is strong now.


Don’t stay too long underground – it will destroy you. Find true happiness in the world and get the hell out of here – don’t stay too long underground. However, everyone is underground in one way or another. The problem is that some people stay here for the rest of their lives. I’m here now too, though my story is quite different from hers. I live quite different life. But no matter what life you live you may end up underground too. Don’t close yourself up. The true happiness is the way out of this, but everyone understands happiness differently. Find yours.

Why Hogs?

Hogs dig deep in the ground for the search of food and so are we, but instead of digging deep for food, we dig deep looking for happiness. We keep wandering the world looking for the purpose of life.

What’s Next?

Hopefully, I have explained you the reasoning behind the decision of writing this blog. There are three things only, which I mostly care about, and hopefully will you. All the posts will fit into one of the three categories. You can find them here.

Health + Family + Financial Independence = Happiness

I hope you will like what I write about and I would appreciate if you could spread the joy too. Share the posts you like, comment when you have any feedback and join other 250 people already following me on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you, and see you in the next post.