Income Statement April 2017

Income Statement April 2017

Income Statement April 2017

A few moons ago I told you that I have started earning my first completely passive income. It’s nowhere near to cover all my living expenses, but you have to start somewhere, don’t you? Here we are in the income statement April 2017. The month of my birthday too – that’s right. Let’s dive into this small puddle and find out what’s happened this month.


My peer to peer investments continue making me some money. It’s a small amount of £17.19, but it pays for the electricity. That’s great – free electricity. I also received some interest from my bank – it’s £26, but it quickly adds up. Now it’s free internet too. I also did another £200 as my fake investment. I wonder when I should stop with this one.


Apart from my server costs at £10 this month I haven’t done too much otherwise. I did some marketing and talking to people, but I can’t really count this as an expense. I managed to get myself busy without touching too much of my blog.


This time it’s very short income statement April 2017. There will be some months where it seems I haven’t done anything, or where I can’t translate my hard work into the spent time or money. But here you go. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Let me know how you would expense your marketing time.

Subject £
Revenue ———————
Fake Investment 200
Interest 26
Passive Income 17.19
Total 243.19
Expenses ———————
Server 10
Total (10)
Net Income 233.19


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