Income Statement December 2016

Income Statement December 2016

Income Statement December 2016

Income statement December 2016 is the last one for the year. I have always kept December as a holiday month. I would usually be alright without any holiday all year round, but as it happens to be Christmas and New Year in December, it’s family time – and I prefer staying with my family after all. This is a month when I give myself all to others. It might be silly to do so, but who can say?


As I have already mentioned that December is my holiday month mainly – revenue will also reflect this. Maybe later on, when I have got a full year of investments done, it will be the best – it’s Christmas sales after all, and it’s the best month for the high-street shops that’s for sure. I was watching the financial news channel last night and they were saying that people spend about 4 times more in December. That’s mental. No wonder January is a dry month. My revenue of this month is just a fake investment I do every month – it’s £200.


The expenses were low this month, cuz I didn’t really have time to publish loads of material. I’m in the middle of writing some awesome stuff now, but I will not account for it just yet. The one article I published this month and spent about 2h on writing and tweaking was my last weight loss challenge article. I also did some PR which consumed another 4h of my time.


As I have mentioned, this month was quite dry for me in revenue, but the same happened with the expenses, hence the balance stayed the same. I have also finished my first 3-month challenge, which was actually hectic. It’s way harder to control yourself rather than controlling others. There will be some time till the next one, but I will be announcing it soon. Currently, I’m just gathering data to be able to set a challenge for myself. Stay tuned and here is the table of my income statement December 2016 down below.

Subject £ $
Conversion Rate 1 1.22
Revenue ——————— ———————
Fake Investment 200 244
Interest 25 30.5
Total 225 270.5
Expenses ——————— ———————
Server 10 12.20
Labor 138 168.36
Total (148) (180.56)
——————— ———————
Net Income 77 89.94


Arnold is a Games Developer in the pursuit of happiness. Once reaching his goals managed to get lost on the blank canvas. Now he experiments on his life in a hope that one day he finds the right path to happiness. He talks about it at and @UndergroundHogs.

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