Income Statement February 2017

Income Statement February 2017

Income Statement February 2017

It’s the second month of the year. Do you feel it? How many of you have stopped doing your New Year resolutions already and how many of you haven’t? Let me know in the comments section. You will also notice that my income statement February 2017 is not as beautiful as the one before. Dive in and see what’s gone right and wrong.


I did some matched betting this month, but nowhere near as much as I did it previously. I earned a lousy £12.5 in total. Honestly, it was just an hour’s worth of work. Most of my time was spent on a new article about matched betting, where I explained everything you need to know about matched betting. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’m always looking for some feedback. I also earned a bit of interest from my bank, which totaled at £26. And do not forget my fake investment of £200 every month. Quite a short on change this month.


Income statement February 2017 is quite high on expenses. The money earned in matched betting do not cover the time investment this month. I have also spent about 20 hours on matched betting article in total, which adds up to £460 – remember £23/h. I have also invested £2105.20 into peer to peer platform. We will see how it’s gonna perform. I will inform you about this in the following financial statement.


It wasn’t very bad month in general. I know it’s going to be in the red, because good articles take a long time to write. It seems that I manage to write one or two articles a month. I could do better I think. This income statement February 2017 is the start of me investing into the passive income streams. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, but as long as I keep pushing myself, I know that everything is going to be alright.

If you find these statements useful, you like them, you wish I expanded more on them, or anything – I love feedback. Please, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below. Have a great day. Thanks.

By the way, let me know which column are you interested the most – GBP or USD? It seems like writing all the revenue and expenses in both currencies is unnecessary. Tell me your preference now. Thanks in advance.

Subject £ $
Conversion Rate 1 1.25
Revenue ——————— ———————
Fake Investment 200 250
Interest 26 32.5
Matched Betting 12.5 15.63
Total 238.5 298.13
Expenses ——————— ———————
Server 10 12.50
Labor 483 603.75
P2P 2105.20 2631.5
Total (2598.2) (3247.75)
——————— ———————
Net Income (2359.7) (2949.62)


Arnold is a Games Developer in the pursuit of happiness. Once reaching his goals managed to get lost on the blank canvas. Now he experiments on his life in a hope that one day he finds the right path to happiness. He talks about it at and @UndergroundHogs.

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