Income Statement March 2017

Income Statement March 2017

Income Statement March 2017

I can’t believe how fast time flies. It seems like it was New Year’s party just a few days ago. Is it because I’m getting older? You will not believe it, but it is the income statement March 2017 where I actually started earning completely passive income. It ain’t gonna cover everything I would want to, but that’s a start. I have also mentioned that I have invested a huge lump of money into P2P. It’s time to collect my fruit of labor.


I did some matched betting this month, but it wasn’t anything huge – a few bets here and there. I totaled a whole £9.48. That’s almost a tenner. It’s always better to get some money in than out, of course. It was less than 15 minutes of work, so I can’t whinge too much. The big investment I did last month paid me out a total of £14.20. That’s nothing – I get it, but I didn’t move a finger for it. It’s also a great feeling! Don’t expect to earn thousands from your first investment. I also earned some interest from my bank, which totaled at £26. Plus I also make a fake investment of £200 every month. Bit by bit, it adds up. Not too shabby after all.


Income Statement March 2017 is not as high on expenses as it was last month due to one time huge lump of investment. I have also spent 5 hours on my new article about Sofia Bulgaria at a rate of 23/h. It has been started this month and will be finished in April. Give it a read when it’s finished, especially if you are looking to have your holiday in Bulgaria. I would strongly recommend visiting it, at least once. It very cheap there and your money goes the long way. It’s also beautiful and warm country.


This month wasn’t exceptional, but it definitely was and will be a memorable one. It marks the first month I have started earning passive income. As I have mentioned in my last income statement, I will be ditching one of the currencies from my income statement March 2017. It seems that if one wants to read it in a different currency, one can convert it himself. It’s not that I’m using some random currency where everyone has to Google what the exchange rate is. It’s a Great Britain Pound and everyone knows how to convert this currency into dollars or euros. Thanks for your feedback everyone! Enjoy your life and live in peace – happiness is worth looking for.

Subject £
Revenue ———————
Fake Investment 200
Interest 26
Matched Betting 9.48
Passive Income 14.20
Total 249.68
Expenses ———————
Server 10
Labor 115
Total (125)
Net Income 124.68


Arnold is a Games Developer in the pursuit of happiness. Once reaching his goals managed to get lost on the blank canvas. Now he experiments on his life in a hope that one day he finds the right path to happiness. He talks about it at and @UndergroundHogs.

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