Income Statement November 2016

Income Statement November 2016

Income Statement November 2016

The Christmas is on the nose and I have just recently completed income statement November 2016. This month I had some holiday and although I did some work whilst being on the beach, it was more like an investment for the future and no money was earned at the time. I did some PR and shared some pictures from the beautiful places I have been visiting. It was a wonderful time and I greatly enjoyed it. But we gathered here to see the income statement and what my finances were in November.


I am still investing £200 a month as a fake investment to my side hustle account. There is also some interest coming in from the current investment and although it’s not a lot, it’s the money into the pocket instead of out. It gathered me £45 in total. I also did some matched-betting where I managed to collect another £140.45. I had some more at first, but managed to mess up one of my bets and lost £8 of the promotion money – due to the canceled promotion. That’s a shame, but you have to spend money in order to earn any.


Luckily, I didn’t spend loads of money this month besides the labor expenses. This included 2h spent on 6-7th-week retrospective and 2h on 8-9th-week retrospective in the 3-month challenge category. I also finished writing my workout plan for day 2 and day 3. Both articles consumed 3 of my hours. To sum everything up, I have spent 7 hours on this venture in total.

I have already talked about matched-betting, but this is a very good opportunity to earn some additional money on the side. I spent about 10 hours here, which still included my learning time.


Income statement November 2016 had a bit lower revenue than it was in October, but there were fewer expenses too. As you can see the net income got a bit higher – almost reached the black, because I spent less time working on the blog tweaks. I have already invested my time there earlier this year and it does not require tweaks every month.

Subject £ $
Conversion Rate 1 1.26
Revenue ——————— ———————
Fake Investment 200 252
Interest 45 56.7
Matched Betting 140.45 176.97
Total 385.45 485.67
Expenses ——————— ———————
Server 10 12.60
Labor 391 492.66
Total (401) (505.26)
——————— ———————
Net Income (15.55) (19.59)


Arnold is a Games Developer in the pursuit of happiness. Once reaching his goals managed to get lost on the blank canvas. Now he experiments on his life in a hope that one day he finds the right path to happiness. He talks about it at and @UndergroundHogs.

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