Matched Betting Review For Starters

Matched Betting Review

I will do my best to explain everything you need to know in order to start earning some money on the side in this matched betting review. I want to make sure this is the best resource for matched betting online which sums everything up. If you have any feedback, please, leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. And if you think this article was valuable to you, share it with your friends. Thanks.

Matched Betting Review

There are plenty of ways to earn money online, but they all are peanuts compared to the matched betting. Let me stop you right here before you start leaving comments about how much of a liar I am – I know this is not the only way and this is not a way to get rich, but it’s the easiest way to earn some money on the side and it’s risk-free. Even more – it’s tax-free too as of the date I’m writing this article. Let’s begin and I will show you how you can start earning this money on the side, plus how much you can earn every month. This is a good way of starting your financial independence.

What Kind of Beast Matched Betting Is?

Matched betting is one form of gambling where you, as a punter, stand no chance of losing any money. Well, this is a lie, you lose some money at the start, but you reap the rewards later, so in conclusion, you end up in a profit. Your rewards highly depend on how much you have lost in the first place. You, as a gambler, have to constantly look at the offers and calculate if they are worth your time. Some offers require you to spend hours on them with the rewards in peanuts, whereas there are some offers where 5 minutes reward you with £40 in your pocket. Just as a quick example, I got an offer today [3rd March 2017], where if I bet £5 on any match, I will get £10 as a free bet. That’s a great offer because I will earn about £6 in less than 10 minutes. It’s £36 hourly wage, not bad, what do you think? I will show you how I knew how much I would earn just from looking at the offer a bit later.

How Do You Play Matched Betting?

The standard way of betting is to go on any bookie website and bet on any sports match you prefer – be it Manchester vs Wales Giants [I have completely made these names up]. What do you do next? You grab a pint of beer, sit down in front of your telly and swear like hell if the team you bet on is playing like rookies. That’s not how matched betting works. In matched betting, you are betting on a specifically chosen match based on a mathematical calculation, but before we delve into this one you have to know another aspect of this game. There are two terms you have to know in order to understand what everyone is talking about when matched betting and these are – backing and laying.

Back Bet

Back bet, or backing the bet, is a bet which you place at the bookies. This is your standard bet which most of the time brings you tears and desperation. Although, there were some times where people won and won big, like really big – into the millions. But we are here not to listen to the fairy tales, we are here to learn a way to support ourselves using the technique called matched betting.

LOTTO MONEY Brit scoops £14.5 million EuroMillions jackpot days after a £20m UK winner – The Sun

Lay Bet

Lay bet, or laying the bet, is a bet which you place at the exchange. The exchange is a marketplace where people from all over the world sell their bets. You can also buy back bets there too, but we usually buy lay bets there. Laying the bet means that you bet against the outcome you have selected. For example, if you back bet on Manchester that it’s gonna win the match, you expect it to win. Now if you lay bet on Manchester that it’s gonna win, you expect it not to win. It means that you expect the match outcome to be a draw or a win for Wales Giants.

TIP: Back bet is a bet for the selected outcome. Lay bet is a bet against the selected outcome.

The tricky part here is the marketplace. Bookies will always allow you to bet on their site. They have all the odds calculated and they pretty much know the outcome in the most cases. However, it’s a probability theory and even 1% sometimes can jackpot. The marketplace, on the other hand, is alive – people buy and sell stuff here, hence the odds fluctuate much more. Another thing is that there might not be any lay bets to buy for you because no one has to sell any. This is a big catch, especially on the horse racing, because the odds are crazy here. You can earn hundreds if you manage to catch the people who are selling the lay bets at the right moment. Consider this place as a stock market and beware of constant changes.

Matched Betting

The process of matched betting is when you back bet at the bookie and lay bet at the exchange. Most of the time odds are pretty close, hence you do not lose money whatever the outcome. We use this technique to extract all the offers bookies throw at us. Beware – as I have mentioned earlier, not all the offers are worth our time. We have just scratched the surface of matched betting review here, but now you know the techniques.


The image below shows how easy it is to calculate lay bets. I have entered made up numbers there, but the idea behind it is the same – just enter your own numbers and the result will pop out. You need to lay £4.57 in my case and your liability will be £3.66. Liability is the sum you need to have in your exchange in order to be able to lay. You will also lose this amount if your lay bet loses, but you will win at the bookie. It says you will win only £4.34 in the exchange although you laid £4.57. That’s because you have to pay 5% commission to the exchange market, since your lay bet won.

Matched Betting Calculator

Grab Your Calculator

The Betting Marketplaces Review

The best and the biggest marketplace for laying bets is Betfair. There are loads of lay bets you can search for and buy. However, every time you buy a lay bet, it costs you 5% commission. The good part is that it doesn’t cost you anything if your lay bet loses. The bad part is that if your bet loses, that means its winnings ended up at the bookie – and bookies are not your friends – they are alive because you lose money, so keep this in mind.

There are quite a few more marketplaces, but they are not as stable and not as liquid as Betfair is. On the other hand, the commissions are much smaller there, so you have to weight the risk yourself.

  • Betfair – the best and the most liquid marketplace in the world – 5% commission on winning bets
  • Smarkets – less liquid and stable marketplace, but only 2% commission on winning bets.
  • Matchbook – similar to Smarkets, but only 0-1.5% commission. However, you have to pay commission even if your bet loses.
  • BetDAQ – trying to catch up with Betfair, but still miles away – 5% commission on winning bets.

TIP: The commission rates provided above are basic commission rates and you can get a discount rate if you bet a lot, but I didn’t include it here, because most of us will not get it.

Grab yourself a matched betting tips document and kick-start your career as a matched bettor

Is Matched Betting Worth Your Time, Effort and Money?

This is completely up to an individual. There are people who are scared of learning something new. Some are skeptical about it because it includes word gambling. I was skeptical myself because even back in my university we did calculate the odds of winning the jackpot – and they were nano-small. I didn’t want to invest my time and any money because I knew there was no chance of getting either of them back. It’s a lottery and house always wins. However, I was very wrong. This is not a gamble.

We use mathematics to extract the low hanging fruit – that’s what it is. If you are up to have a fruitful adventure, it’s definitely worth your time and effort. And guess what – you don’t really need to have loads of money to start with. You need about £50 to start with and you get about £25 back in the following day. It’s 50% net profit in a day – that’s just mental.

You will have to spend some time learning how it works and how all the equations work, what to enter where and how to find every bit of information you will need. It takes some time up-front, but it’s like with anything – it’s a new subject and you have to invest some time. Your first bet might take you 30 minutes up to an hour, and I would strongly suggest you taking your time. Do not rush, because although there is no risk of losing money mathematically, there is still a risk in human-error. Plenty of people have lost hundreds of pounds just by misplacing or miscalculating the bet – so be very careful and double check before pressing the bet and lay buttons.

This is the best and easiest way of earning money online, which is actually worth your time, effort and money. The next step would be starting your own business. However, I will not be talking about how to start your own business, at least not in this article. Nevertheless, this extra money will definitely help you to invest into something more long-term and more passive.

Why Would You Do Matched Betting?

This question is the main question before you start doing anything. You have to know what you want from this venture. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to buy something and can’t afford it otherwise?
  • Do you want to save some money for your weddings?
  • Honeymoon?
  • Holiday?
  • New car?
  • Mortgage repayment?
  • New mobile phone?
  • Or do you want to invest it into something else?
  • Is it short-term or do you want to do it long-term?
  • What are your expectations?

These are all the questions you have to answer yourself because it helps you to plan your journey. I will tell you how much you can earn a month and how you can increase that amount, what works and what doesn’t, but you have to know why you are doing this. I know quite a few people who actually stopped working because of this and they started their own businesses on the side. You can earn enough to live off and spend the rest of your time pursuing your dream. But whatever your plan is, you have to stick to it.

How Sustainable Matched Betting Is?

There are a few ways you can extend your matched betting experience.

  • Short-Term
  • Long-Term
  • Passive

Short Term Review

There is a short-term matched betting which I would say everyone should do at the very least. You get into it, you collect all the low hanging fruit and you get out. This can be done in less than a month and you can grab about £1500 in this period of time. This is very short-term because you will not be able to achieve the same results every month. You will be able to get some spikes like this, but there is no guarantee.

Long Term Review

Then there is a long-term matched betting. You work on the existing daily offers, which are not as fruitful as the first time offers were, but you still earn some money. Although this time you have to calculate if they are worth your time. Some of them look great, but after reading T&Cs you understand that they aren’t worth your time. For example, bet 10 times £10 and get £5 as a free bet. Most of the time these offers are not worth your time because you will spend at least 30 minutes betting on 10 matches and you will only get £5 as a free bet. In the best case scenario, your profit from this offer would be £3.50. But in order to achieve the best case scenario, you would have to spend loads of time looking for the specific matches. Otherwise, do it in 30 minutes and your reward would be less than 50p. Not worth it.

Passive Review

And the last, but not the least is the passive way of earning some money. This is the hardest way to earn money because you are marketing a service as an affiliate. Have you seen people earning £2000-3000 or more every single month from matched betting? Well, here you have it – that’s how they do it.

Grab yourself a matched betting tips document and kick-start your career as a matched bettor

How Much Can You Earn by Matched Betting Every Month?

I have already mentioned this above, but there are three ways of how you can earn money in matched betting. Let’s review them all.

Short Term Review

The short-term is a bit of anomaly because you will not be able to sustain the same levels every month. Don’t get me wrong – £1500 is still a huge chunk of cash, but it skews the numbers.

Long Term Review

There is a long-term way to earn cash in matched betting and it’s about £600 every month, but you need to put in hours to get the result – it’s about 2 hours every day. Furthermore, £600 is a pretty standard amount of cash you can earn every month, but there is also a chance that you hit it big. Not as big as the guys from the news, but big enough. There can be some spikes going up to £3000-5000 in one month, but these are far and few between.

Passive Review

And there is a passive way of earning some long-term income. This is the main way most of the people earn £1500 or more every month. It’s a very legit and awesome way of doing this. It’s an affiliate marketing. The people who join through your link earn you a small commission. It doesn’t cost more to the people who join through your link, but it provides you as a word-spreader with a bit of bonus. And that’s the secret of everyone who earns £1500 or more every month. This technique is called pyramid technique since you are basically employing other people to earn you some money. It’s a win-win situation because you provide people with loads of information and then when they join through your link, they send you thanks in a form of cash. And the most important part is that it doesn’t cost them a penny. Basically, they tell you “thank you” with other people’s money. What a wonderful scheme, don’t you think?

The Result of Matched Betting Review

Don’t be let down or get hyped when you see some people earning these huge amounts of money just through matched betting. They work hard every month. Even if they reach £1500 every month, they are doing matched betting themselves. They do also earn some affiliate commission, which adds up. I want to be transparent with you, so you would know what’s possible and how it’s done. Try it yourselves, I will keep your hand for the very first few bets so you would understand how it’s done and then I will point you to the right direction. If you liked it, great – if you didn’t, well, there are plenty of other opportunities out there, just keep looking.

Why Should You Believe Anything I Just Said?

The short and simple answer is you shouldn’t. I’m just providing you with a valuable information. It’s up to you to research it, read it, learn from it and make your own final decision. Like anything in this world – you can’t take it for granted. Do your own research, work your butt off and you will start seeing the right and wrong. I can’t persuade you to believe in me because:

  1. You do not know me, although you can find out more about me here and contact me here
  2. You don’t trust me – and that’s good, you have to pick your friends carefully
  3. We are not friends – although I do really want us to become friends
  4. There is loads of noise online – although I want this web page to be the beacon for information
  5. Everyone wants to rip you off – you will see that I’m not one of them when we become friends
  6. Everyone sees you as a wallet – I don’t need your money because I earn enough myself, I need friends.

Please, put your credit cards away – you won’t need it on this site. I will show you a way how you can do everything for free. No sales pitch nonsense – just a valuable information you can digest and use instantly. I may recommend you some items I use myself to save your valuable time, but that’s a non-mandatory thing to have since you can do this for free.

How Do You Find the Matches to Bet On?

There are two ways of finding matches to bet on. There is a free way and there is a paid way and I will show you both.

Free Way

It’s quite simple to find matches using the free way that you don’t really need to use a paid tool. It’s helpful, but definitely not a mandatory thing to have.

The first thing is to find a match at the bookie. Let’s say we found a match Manchester vs Dundee. The odds are 3.6 that Manchester will win the match. These are the back bet odds. Now you go to any marketplace, Betfair – more than likely, and find the exactly same match there. The lay bet odds here are 3.6 too. What a coincidence – that’s wonderful. If you matched bet on this specific match, you wouldn’t lose any money whatever the outcome of this match was. Actually, you would lose 5% commission, especially if a lay bet won at the marketplace. That seems very simple, but it’s not always simple to find good odds on your own. It may take minutes or it may take tens of minutes to find the good match for yourself.

Here are a few links to the free version of free bets. They may provide you with some tutorials too. If you are a complete newcomer to this venture, I would strongly suggest you research this topic even further.

*You have to register to get the free guides.

Paid Way

It’s way easier to find matches using the paid way, but it’s a paid way. There are loads of websites you can use to find matched bets, but the one I use and can recommend is OddsMonkey. This is a wonderful webpage with loads of tools, tutorials and daily offers. For the price of £15 a month, or £150 a year you will get all the access to every offer you can find on the internet. They update the list of offers every day. So based on your plan, which you should have defined in the paragraph above, you should know which one will work better for you.

The great thing about OddsMonkey is that it gives you the first matched betting opportunities for free. So you get about £30 for free and only then you have to pay them £15 a month or £150 a year. Nothing to lose. If you do not like it, just stop using it, as simple as that.

Here is an example of available matched betting opportunities:

The Odds Matcher

Here are a few links to the paid version of free bets. These provide you with the full experience, hand by hand tutorials and the offers which work. The price tag on both of these is a bargain for what you get. They also have a starters version of tutorials for free.

How Do You Find the Deals to Match Bet On?

There are a few ways you can find deals and you should use all of them to achieve the maximum potential of getting the best deals ever. There are only two types of deals – the individual ones specifically tailored just for you and promotions for groups of players.

Deals Specifically Tailored Just for You

Unfortunately, these are the deals made just for you to pull you back into the betting cycle. You will not find these deals anywhere but your email inbox. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are waste of time – you have to learn to distinguish between them. What I can tell you from my experience is that about 95% of deals coming through your inbox are waste of time. Nevertheless, just look for diamonds in the dirt and you will find them. As I mentioned earlier, I just got one recently. It’s very simple to filter your inbox and see which ones are worth pursuing and which ones are going straight to the bin.


These are the deals created for groups of customers, which are playing at the bookie, but not spending enough money or time there. That’s why bookies create these to pull you all back in. These are usually good ones and from my experience, about 65% are good ones, but not all of them guarantee you the money. The trick in these promotions is how not to lose money by collecting the free cash. By using the mathematical calculations we can push the winning percentage to our side, but there is no guarantee that we will win. We always win in the long-term, but based on your strategy plan, it may not be sufficient. Most of the time you lose £0-3 a match, but once in a while, you win. It’s tricky to say how much you will win because every offer is different, but the rules are the same – if you are likely to win more, you are likely to lose more. For example, if you can win up to £25 free bet, you are more than likely going to lose about £1. If you do not win £25 free bet, you are £1 less. But you will win eventually, which covers all of your losses so far. Again, check what your plan is and stick to it.

Finding Deals

Free Way

One of the ways of finding deals is holding tight and waiting for the email to drop into your inbox. That’s not the best way of spending your time and knowing that most of them are useless, it’s like waiting for rain in Sahara desert – more than likely ain’t gonna happen.

Another way is spending your time on traversing the bookie web pages and looking for great deals there. Every bookie once in a while share some promotion deals which are available only to active members of the community – the ones which are actually coming back to the page and are actively betting. It’s very easy to miss these offers and it would require you to traverse through enormous amounts of web pages. There are hundreds of bookies I know of, and plenty more I do not. Not the best way of spending your evening, don’t you think?

Yet another way of finding these deals are the web pages [free], which offer you some advice and update their listings of daily offers, which may be worth your time. However, they usually ask you to enter your email address for this and their offers are usually the ones, which you can apply once – also known as joining promotions. These are only available to the new customers of a proposed bookie and once you used it, that’s it.

Paid Way

Looking for the deals which are available daily is a job on its own. That’s why the best places to look for them are the paid websites. One of them is OddsMonkey and it’s doing a pretty good job. It filters deals which are not worth your time as well as finds all the deals on the internet. Since it’s a company with the employed people, it is the employees who are usually looking for those deals – hence it costs you, as a user, to access them. They also use some software which helps them to collect the deals once they are up on the bookie website.

Long Term Daily Offers

Frankly, a few done deals cover the month’s payment and the rest go straight to your pocket. If you value your time, it’s worth every penny. If you are just starting out and have no money – then do the offers for new customers only and you will collect some spare cash for the monthly payment. It’s the best thing to do once you have finished all your new customer offers. Again, check with your own plan. You have to do this long-term to make it worthwhile. If you want to quickly sweep some spare cash and forget about it, you can do this without the aforementioned website.

Grab yourself a matched betting tips document and kick-start your career as a matched bettor

How Safe Matched Betting Is?

There are people who are intimidated by the gambling industry. I was personally scared of it because I knew that house always wins. I also heard about theories like card counting in Blackjack, but I never believed them. This was a mix of opinions I had in my head. I always thought that winning against the house is not possible. And to tell you the truth, it’s not. House always wins, otherwise, they would not be in business. If they stopped winning, they would just increase the odds, like they did with the roulette by adding 0 and later 00, like they did with bingo by adding one more number to guess. But they know that we know this, that’s why they keep giving us free bets, promotions, double odds and so on – they want us back, they want our money.

The difference between a real gambler and matched-bettor is that the gambler uses the emotions, whereas matched-bettor uses mathematics. Numbers are always right and they do not lie, whereas emotions do lie a lot. As long as you, as a punter, trust the numbers only, there is no risk of losing money. It’s completely safe. However, the minute you include human being into this equation, it starts to wobble. If you include emotions into your calculation, it becomes a gamble.

TIP: If you take one thing from here, take this – trust the numbers only.

Does Matched Betting Affect Your Credit Score?

The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe.

I want to elaborate more on the long answer. The betting on itself does not affect your credit score – why would it? It’s your money, you spend it wherever you want. Does buying a loaf of bread in the shop affect your credit score? Hell no. However, what affects your credit score is gambling. As I have mentioned before – gambling is the betting using your emotions, which more than likely leads you to poverty because the house always wins, have you forgotten this?

The betting is not touching your score even with a bargepole, but your gambling does. Since you lose loads, you keep spending more, just to win back your losses. This is not working, but like any addiction, it consumes you. Once you start opening accounts for new credit cards, spending the money you don’t own and don’t pay it back, that’s what hits your credit score. Furthermore, it hits your life. Once you are addicted to gambling, there is no life. If you start feeling addicted – stop now and ask for help. Trust mathematics, don’t trust your emotions – that’s what makes us humans and humans fail, a lot. It’s good to fail because that’s how we learn, but not here – here we want to use mathematics and reap the rewards.

Is Matched Betting Available in the UK Only?

There are plenty of casinos all around the world. Most of the countries have them. Of course, there are some which do not. I do not know if your country is in the whitelist, but you should know this yourself, you lived there for the most of your life. Nevertheless, the same rules apply anywhere in the world. The tax system may be different, the bookies may be different, the exchanges may be different, but the rules stay the same.


Here it ends – a very long matched betting review. It contains everything you need to know about matched betting. I have some more suggestions for the starters and you can download them here. This short document contains the things you should look out for, the catches, the suggestions and will kick start your career as a matched-bettor.

Grab yourself a matched betting tips document and kick-start your career as a matched bettor

If you liked this article and found it informative, I would appreciate if you could share it with your family and friends. I would also love if you liked my Facebook page and Twitter. Happy matched betting, my friend! Reap the benefits and enjoy wealthier tomorrow. If you have any other comments or questions, please, do leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.


Arnold is a Games Developer in the pursuit of happiness. Once reaching his goals managed to get lost on the blank canvas. Now he experiments on his life in a hope that one day he finds the right path to happiness. He talks about it at and @UndergroundHogs.

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