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Travel is all about the moment. It’s all about now. Explore the world while you can, cuz you only live once. No matter you are an office worker or a cleaner – the world is yours. Spend your time understanding the planet you live in.

There is only a limited amount of time you have on this planet and it’s dissolving fast. Thinking of traveling tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Come on – there is no time to waste.

Things To Do in Sofia Bulgaria

What Things To Do in Sofia Bulgaria?

Here is another bargain holiday presented to you by Underground Hogs. This time – it’s Sofia, Bulgaria. It’s quite a big country in the South of Europe. With the average temperatures of 0 –...

Things To Do in Tenerife

What Things To Do in Tenerife for Free?

Explore Tenerife for Free No matter where you go and what you do, it’s always smart to stay frugal. I will show you what things to do in Tenerife for free. Enjoy your cheap...