Weight Loss Challenge Retrospective Week 6-7

Weight Loss Challenge Retrospective Week 6-7

Weight Loss Challenge Retrospective Week 6-7

Weight loss challenge retrospective week 6-7 is just a proof of my previously defined hypothesis. I talked about it last time and I’m kinda happy that it was correct. For the last two weeks, my weight was stationary – 77.8 kg as if it was set in stone. The first week it seemed logical, but I got quite desperate when it hit the end of the second one. Do you know the feeling where you push something hard enough and it just doesn’t move forward at all? Well, that’s how it feels right now.

Good News


Although it doesn’t seem like I have lost any weight in the last two weeks due to my weight staying the same, I can actually feel that my belt feels looser. It just proves that it’s not the weight what matters in the end, but the volume of fat in the body. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure that I’m losing weight anyway, so I did one day of cardio over the weekend. That’s a good thing, but it’s also a bad thing.

Why is cardio good & bad?

Well, common sense tells us that by doing more cardio we burn more calories. More calories burnt means more weight lost. WRONG! The burnt calories are mainly burnt carbs and protein. Your body is like a furnace and the carbs are like a kindling. They burn fast and provide you with energy. Then it’s protein time. It burns like wet hay, slowly, smoking as hell and doesn’t provide a lot of energy. So your body burns a lot of it in order to compensate unless it has carbs on the shelve. The fat is the trickiest to burn. It’s like coal – hard to keep the fire lit, burns slowly and constantly and with a huge power, hence coal plants. However, you cannot burn fat alone. You need some catalyst, which is the carbs.


Now you are thinking, ok, I can eat more carbs, do cardio and burn more fat. The simple answer is yes, but it’s a slippery slope. When you are on diet, your body is acting crazy, it’s in survival mode. The more you give it, the more it stores it. That’s the biggest reason why people say you cannot lose weight using diets, but as you have noticed I did lose weight – actually, quite a bit.

The idea of the diet I use is to keep the body always stacked using healthy and lean products only. It goes into the mental state when we are low on sugar, but as long as we stand away from it, it doesn’t act crazy too much. You just have to find the balance and I have talked about it in my diet plan chapter.

Bad News

The bad news is that I started my cardio. It’s one of those edge cases, where you act stupidly out of desperation. I did it once and I will have to do it every week now, cuz I can’t stop for the reasons mentioned above. My body just begs me to put more food into it, because it needs those calories to keep it running. Well, I lie and dump some more protein based food into it. Now – that’s the cure to those cardio sessions. Since the protein is not being burned that fast and it doesn’t provide us with loads of calories,  you just lie to your body that you give it what it asks.

However, do not keep your body on protein only! And I repeat DO NOT keep your body on protein only! It needs carbs. I know it’s hard sometimes to put them in, but remember – you MUST provide your body with carbs. No sugary ones, the real carbs only – like pasta or rice or whole grain wheat products.


Here is my weight projection and real data table. Pretty sad view compared to the previous retrospectives. Nevertheless, it’s quite expected, since the last kilograms are the hardest. I still have a few tricks under my sleeve, which I may use in a near future. Stay tuned.

Weight Week 6-7

And here are some pictures of myself in the 6th and 7th weeks. Enjoy!

Week 6

Week 6

Week 7

Week 7

Here it was a weight loss challenge retrospective week 6-7. Hope you found it useful and self-explanatory. If anything, pop your comments below. Thanks.


Arnold is a Games Developer in the pursuit of happiness. Once reaching his goals managed to get lost on the blank canvas. Now he experiments on his life in a hope that one day he finds the right path to happiness. He talks about it at www.undergroundhogs.com and @UndergroundHogs.

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